In the summer of 2012, a small Trojan Records clothing collection was launched as a sub-brand in the Lambretta clothing collection.

After a successful launch, the collection was expanded and in the summer of 2015, the decision was taken to make Trojan Records a clothing brand in its own right.

Meanwhile, a similar partnership with the world-famous Wigan Casino led to the team creating a similar range for soul fans, with the result being the creation of a new specialist clothing company aimed at satisfying the demands of fashion conscious ska and soul fans – the aptly named, Ska & Soul.

With an aim to create high quality, timeless pieces incorporating elements of traditional favourites, while keeping the look contemporary, the company has since produced an extensive range that includes Harringtons, parkas, track-tops, fine-gauge knitwear, polos, tees, button down shirts and jeans.

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